Navigating the world of online harassment can be tricky, as one can get stuck on two questions: why do people do this and how can we fix it?

This list is intended to be a set of resources to help one understand the sociological phenomenon that is online harassment, what causes it, and helpful tactics to dispell misinformation.

Also includes some resources to protect yourself if you find yourself on the receiving end of harassment.




Articles & Blog Posts

Lessons learned

  • Anonymity and Abuse Reports
    • A look at how Cloudflare reacted to allegations that they passed contact information from abuse reports to alt-right hate mobs


  • Why are you so angry? “The Good Guy”
    • Deconstructs why people become angry when there is a perceived attack on their identity (i.e. gamers feeling personally attacked by Anita Sarkeesian’s analysis of sexism in games)


Other sites doing great things