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Online safety

Bloomberg Distinguished Engineering Speaker series - Consensual software: Prioritizing user trust and safety

InfoQ track host - Socially Conscious Software

Affect conf - Consensual software: Prioritizing user trust and safety

O’Reilly Security Conference - Consensual software: Prioritizing user trust and safety

Woman Tech Makers Madrid - Video

Making Online Collaboration Safer at GitHub

InfoQ - Consensual Software: How to prioritize user safety

DZone - Privacy and Consensual IoT

DZone - DZone’s Guide to IoT: Applications, Protocols, and Best Practices


How to build emotionally intelligent engineering teams

Setting goals with your engineers that don’t totally suck

Feerless in the press

San Francisco Chronicle - Trigger warning: New app warns Netflix viewers of graphic content

MedGadget - Feerless Helps PTSD and Phobia Sufferers Avoid Triggering Moments While Watching Netflix

KOMO News radio spot - New app warns Netflix viewers with PTSD about content that may trigger panic attacks

The Mighty mental health blog - New App Will Make Netflix Binge-Watching Safer for People With PTSD

Tech talks

Demoing Netflix Triggers - a Waze for Netflix to help people with PTSD watch their shows in peace.

Call My Nana is an app I set up that calls my grandmother every day to remind her to take her medication. It’s been running for nearly 3 years now!

Design 101 for Developers: 5 Ways to Make Your Site Less Ugly is a talk I did at Twilio on 5 simple design patterns to implement on websites to make them less terrible.

The Curious Case of the Developer on the Design Team I spoke with my teammate Nina Mehta about the importance of designers and developers working closely together.

Book appearances

I speak out about what it’s like to change careers and join software development in Quit Law and Code: A Guide to Transition from Law to App Development.

Diversity in tech

Lead a LeadDev Together session on Building Inclusive Companies

I was on Bay Area Focus speaking about Mission Bit and the importance of volunteering in the tech community.

Women in Tech: How I got here and how to survive being in a male-dominated workforce is a talk I did at Mercy High School Burlingame to a group of young women about how they can pursue a career in tech.

Ignite talks